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Thank you for your interest in donating to Karunya Trust Children’s Home.

Karunya Trust Children’s Home takes security and privacy seriously. Before you donate, please read the following important information to ensure you understand that your donation is not tax deductible in Australia, how we use your personal information, our privacy policy and how the direct bank deposit function works.

Donations in Australia are NOT tax deductible

Donations to the Karunya Trust Children’s Home are not tax deductible in Australia. The Karunya Trust Children’s Home is a charitable Trust registered under the India Trust Act. The trust is also registered with the Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act which permits Karunya to accept foreign contributions. The income of the Trust is exempt from tax under section 12A of the Indian Income Tax Act.

All amounts on this web site are calculated in Australian dollars.

How we use your Personal Information

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Karunya Trust Children’s Home for receipting purposes. The information will only be used by Karunya Trust Children’s Home for the purpose or related purpose as indicated in the direct bank deposit instructions below. This information will not be provided to any third party without your consent, unless where required by law to do so. If this information is not collected we will be unable to provide you with a receipt or verify information with you if required. You may apply to Karunya Trust Children’s Home to review, add, delete or amend your information by emailing to: enquiries@karunyachildrenshome.org.

Your activities on the Karunya Trust Children’s Home web site and your bank web site are separate and unconnected. No information is passed between the websites, and your banking information is never made available to Karunya Trust Children’s Home, its web site or any other parties. If you receive a phone call from anyone purporting to represent Karunya Trust Children’s Home requesting your PIN, password or any other banking details, BE SUSPICIOUS as Karunya Trust Children’s Home will not call or email you and ask for these.

Our Privacy Policy

The Karunya Trust Children’s Home Privacy Policy is detailed here. Please take the time to read it. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us before you donate.


In order to keep the costs of administrating Karunya Trust Children’s Home in Australia to a minimum, we accept the following three forms of financial donations.

  1. Cash. You can make a cash donation by contacting us via email enquiry@karunyachildrenshome.org. A representative will contact you and arrange for you to make a donation.
  2. Cheque. You can send a cheque to either our Victoria or NSW address. Please include your name and contact details so we can send you a receipt.
  3. Direct Bank Deposit. (sometimes called Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT). Transfer your donation directly to the Karunya Trust Children’s Home bank account from your bank account.

Karunya Trust Children’s Home does not accept donations via credit card, BPay, Paypal or any other payment mechanism. The reason for this is so we can keep our costs and administrative overheads in Australia as low as possible. Remember our commitment to you; 100% of money donated in Australia goes to the Karunya Trust Children’s Home in India.

How to make a direct bank deposit

Donating to Karunya Trust Children’s Home is quick and easy using our three-step direct bank deposit system.

Step one - fill out the form

Fill out the electronic direct deposit form below. (All fields marked with a red asterisk require information.) When you have completed the form, click on the pledge button on the bottom left of the form. At this stage it is important to remember you have NOT made a donation, merely a pledge to donate money via direct bank deposit or EFT.

Step two - get our account details

A new screen will appear with the following information:

  • confirmation of the amount of money you are pledging,
  • the Karunya Trust Children’s Home bank account details (BSB number and account number), and
  • a pledge reference number which we require you to enter on your bank site when transferring your donation.

This information will also be sent to your email address.

Step three - go to your bank's website and transfer the funds

Go to your bank’s internet site and;

  • select the funds transfer menu option,
  • in the appropriate text field (often called description or remitter name) enter your name and pledge reference number, and
  • transfer the amount pledged from your bank account to the Karunya Trust Children’s Home bank account.

Entering your name and pledge number when you transfer funds allows us to reconcile your pledge details (recorded on the Karunya Trust Children’s Home web site) with donations received in the Karunya Trust Children’s Home bank account. When we receive your donation, a receipt will be sent to you via email.

Thank You!