kids thinking

A Loving Environment

Without doubt, raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs any person can undertake. Guardians influence a child’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development, as well as being the primary models for attitudes and behaviors.

Sharyn and Kumaran have created a home that is full of love and an environment that encourages self expression, exploration and the development of self-esteem. They do this by constantly reinforcing positive behaviors whilst balancing warmth and nurturing with firmness and limits. The children and Sharyn and Kumaran regularly spend time together as a family, and can often be found in the grounds of the home laughing and playing together.

The Karunya ethos holds that true happiness comes not from without but from our own thoughts and actions, and encourages each child to seek personal fulfillment from within. Drawing on the rich spiritual culture of the area, the children have many opportunities to meditate, practice yoga, dance, light incense, offer thanks for their food and experience rituals and devotions from a range of spiritual traditions.


When the children first come to the Home they often show signs of malnutrition and other effects of poverty. Some have severe health problems, and it can take some time for them to become strong and healthy. The health of the children is of utmost importance, and Karunya’s resident doctor, Dr. Sundari Ganesh, is a homeopath and ayurvedic specialist who attends to the health and medical care of the all the children. Dr Sundari has made her home at Karunya and now devotes her considerable expertise to the well-being of the Karunya family.


At Karunya we believe that education is a life-long process that begins at birth and takes place in the family and community as much as in school. It's about helping children to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will be useful throughout their lives. Education also unlocks children's potential and contributes to the development of societies generally.

Karunya works to make sure that all the children get a good quality education by ensuring they attend school regularly and have access to after hours tutoring and resources such as a library and computer centre. Four full-time tutors are on hand to help with home work, coach children in subjects they find difficult and challenge those who are academically gifted to stretch themselves in new directions.

Each day the children are taken by bus from Karunya to Sishya Matriculation School, which teaches grades one to 12. A matriculation certificate is award to students who successfully complete grade 12.  Sishya is an English-language school.  It is important for the children to understand and speak English as most university courses in India are taught in English.

Information Technology

The size of the Indian IT Industry was estimated at US$24.3 billion in 2008-09. The total IT software and services employment was expected to reach 2.23 people million mark in 2008-09, excluding employment in hardware sector. The indirect employment attributed to the sector is estimated at eight million people in year 2008-09. Without a doubt, computer literacy is becoming increasingly important as India embraces technology in almost every field of endeavor.

All the children at Karunya learn how to use computers at school whilst the older children study software and computer languages. After school they can practice on one of the two computers at the home, while extra personal tuition is provided by qualified computer education teachers.

“I’ve learnt how to save files and create new folders. Last week I leant new graphic designing techniques and began studying C computer language” – Jumbu (Aged 13).

"we believe that education is a life-long process"